Funding Opportunities for EEB-Bio Grads at Indiana University

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Department of Biology Indiana University
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Also see Marissa Baskett's excellent page, especially for ecologists

This is only a partial list of grants to which EEB students have applied recently. Certainly other opportunities exist, but this can provide a start. Please be sure to double check any dates that I've listed.

Dates last updated 29 June 2015 - The deadlines provided here are approximate. Please see granting websites for specific dates -

I. Pre-doctoral Fellowships:

(A). External Fellowships

NSF Graduate Research Fellowships usually c. November (Pre-Doc) see also here, NSF's user-friendly page The Graduate Research Fellowship (Pre-Doc) provides three years of support for graduate study leading to research-based master's or doctoral degrees and is intended for students who are in the early stages of their graduate study.
A Guide to Predocs at Notre Dame: webpage
Tips from a previous applicant (Alex Lang, Physic, Boston University): webpage

This program seems dead for now, but they may resuscitate it (?)

EPA STAR (Science to Achieve Results) - No 2014 competition For master's and doctoral level students in environmental fields of study. Up to three years of fellowship funding ($20K/yr), research funds ($5K/yr), and tuition support ($12K/yr)

Ruth L. Kirschstein Fellowships at NIH A variety of awards, including National Research Service Awards; the goal is "to provide support for promising doctoral candidates who will be performing dissertation research and training in scientific health-related fields relevant to the missions of the participating NIH Institutes and Centers". Follow the link to see if any of these apply to you.

American Society of Microbiology Fellowships , especially the Watkins Fellowship (usually due 1 May) Note especially the Watkins Graduate Research Fellowship targeted towards underrepresented groups. Designed for upper level grads (post-candidate).

NASA Fellowship program (due probably c. March, if like last year) The link here is to a Graduate Student Researches Program. Look for matches in NASA interests and your own. For instance, they seem interested in funding microbial ecology and energy flow/biogeochemistry studies.

NOAA Educational Partnership Program's Graduate Sciences Program - is it dead? Designed for increasing opportunities for students in NOAA-related fields to pursue research and educational training in atmospheric, environmental, remote sensing and oceanic sciences at minority serving institutions (MSI) when possible. The GSP offers between two years (master's candidates) to four years (doctoral students) of NOAA-related research and training opportunities.

This program seems dead for now, but they may resuscitate it (?)

National Audubon's TogetherGreen Program - c. ealy August Broad-based training, assistance, and opportunities to help fellows conduct their own innovative, results-oriented conservation projects, serve as conservation role models, inspire and engage diverse audiences and communities, build leadership skills, connect with other U.S. and international conservation leaders

National Research Council, National Academy, Research Associate Program - 4 deadlines per year Prospective applicants select a research project or projects from among the large group of opportunities listed.

Department of Energy (DOE) Graduate Research Environmental Fellowships - (usually c. 1 November) AAAS Fellowship; GREF deadline for 2014 is unclear.From their webpage: "An important aspect of the GREF project is the encouragement of interdisciplinary work among colleges and universities, and the national laboratories involved in global change research efforts. Proposed doctoral research projects that bridge the gaps between the various GCEP programmatic research efforts are particularly welcomed. GREF Fellows have two mentors: a university Faculty Advisor and a national laboratory Research Mentor who collaboratively guide the research activities."

Also DOE's Office of Science Graduate Research Fellowships - (c. 24 September) Many areas of biology and environmental sciences; from their page: "support outstanding students to pursue graduate training in basic research in areas of physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, computational sciences, and environmental sciences relevant to the Office of Science and to encourage the development of the next generation scientific and technical talent in the U.S."

Also, DOE's Global Change Educational Program

Office of Personnel Management's Presidential Management Fellowship - late November? From their webpage: "The purpose of the Program is to attract to the Federal service outstanding men and women from a variety of academic disciplines and career paths who have a clear interest in, and commitment to, excellence in the leadership and management of public policies and programs."

As of August 2013, it looked like this program was closed (i.e., not funded for a 2014 competition)

Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program - various deadlines For pre-candidates, candidates, and post-docs using Smithsonian collections and resources. There are a diverse array of funding opportunities listed here.

Porter Physiology Development Award, from the American Physiological Society - ?? For minorities working in a physiology-related field. From their webpage: "The Porter Physiology Development Program provides 1-2 year full-time graduate fellowships in programs leading to the Ph.D. (or D.Sc.) in the physiological sciences. The program is open to underrepresented ethnic minority applicants who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its territories."

(B) Internal Fellowships in EEB / at IU

CTRD Training Grant (Common Themes in Reproductive Diversity) usually c. 15 February For pre- and post-doctoral students interested in studying the development, evolution and expression of behaviors associated with reproduction

Dissertation Year Fellowships - likely mid-January Each department can nominate one fellow per year.

University-level awards - There are several internal fellowships, listed at this link. EEB students have applied to:

  • Wells Graduate Fellowship: "The fellowship will be awarded each year to students who demonstrate the qualities for which Chancellor Wells was renowned: leadership abilities, academic excellence, character, social consciousness, and generosity of spirit": PDF link to description

  • Edwards Fellowship: Given to "....a candidate with an extraordinary record of voluntary public service, exemplary character, superior scholastic ability, and intellectual capacity that promises dividends for society": PDF link to description

  • The Kinsley Award, for a "truly outstanding dissertation": PDF link to description

II. Research funding:

(A). External Awards and Competitions

Indiana Academy of Science's Senior Research Grants program - c. 15 September and c. 1 March

From their page: "the Indiana Academy of Science Senior Research Grants Program makes awards of up to $3000 to Academy members or students they sponsor to purchase supplies, support travel and field expenses, pay research assistants, and provide other items required to conduct novel scientific research.

Note: I think your advisor needs to be a member of IAS, so make sure that he/she is a member

Sigma Xi -usually c. 15 March and 15 October of each year From their page: "Students use the funding to pay for travel expenses to and from a research site, or for purchase of non-standard laboratory equipment necessary to complete a specific research project."

This program seems dead for now, but they may resuscitate it (?)Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (DDIG)

  • From their webpage: "These grants provide partial support of doctoral dissertation research to improve the overall quality of research. Allowed are costs for doctoral candidates to participate in scientific meetings, to conduct research in specialized facilities or field settings, and to expand an existing body of dissertation research."
  • See also: Eva Allen's DDIG prep guide, Spencer and Leonie's DDIG thoughts, Dave Skelly's DDIG writeup and Joan Straussman's advice on DDIGSs and also here
  • Advice from J.H. Jones @ Stanford Anthropology: link here
  • Everyone who is a candidate can apply. US citizens and foreign students.
  • Note on eligibility based on discipline: "Please note that only proposals whose focus falls within the scope of (1) the scientific area of the Behavioral Systems Cluster of IOS or (2) any scientific area in the Division of Environmental Biology (DEB) will be eligible." Translation: if you'd apply through DEB, you're OK; if IOS, then it has to be behavioral.

Explorer's club - probably due November From their webpage: The Explorers Club offers grants to students conducting individual scientific or exploration research projects ...Our awards typically range from $500-1500 US for both funds. A few awards may be granted up to a $5000 award level. Exploration Fund, for graduate, post-graduate, doctorate and early career post-doctoral students, provides grants in support of exploration and field research for those who are just beginning their research careers. Our awards typically range from $500-1500 US for both funds

Garden Club of American, - various awards and dates From their webpage: " stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening, to share the advantages of association by means of educational meetings, conferences, correspondence and publications, and to restore, improve, and protect the quality of the environment through educational programs and action in the fields of conservation and civic improvement."

There are numerous awards, you'll have to do some searching and research here.

American Philosophy Society's Lewis and Clark Fund in Exploration and Research - usually c. 2 Feb From their webpage: "...encourages exploratory field studies for the collection of specimens and data and to provide the imaginative stimulus that accompanies direct observation. Applications are invited from disciplines with a large dependence on field studies, such as archeology, anthropology, biology, ecology, geography, geology, linguistics, and paleontology, but grants will not be restricted to these fields."

American Society of Microbiologists - Travel grants These include the General Meeting Student Travel Grants but other more specialized travel awards

World Wildlife Fund's Kathryn Fuller Doctoral Fellowship - no competition this year? Their interests: ecosystem services, carbon stocks in forests, climate change on freshwater resources From their webpage: "As part of its commitment to advancing conservation through science, WWF established the Kathryn Fuller Doctoral Fellowships to support PhD students working on issues of exceptional importance and relevance to conservation in one of the WWF-US priority places." Awards in the range of $15-20K over 2 years for research funds

(B) Internal Grants at IU

IU College of Arts and Sciences - various awards

Includes a College of Arts and Sciences travel award: link

McCormick Science Grant - departmental nominations in February

Annually two grants of $2,500 each to the graduate student member of a faculty/graduate student team whose research, either in progress or proposed, is judged to be most creative, visionary, and innovative

Graduate Student Sustainability Research Development Grants - likely early May

We are interested in supporting innovative approaches to development of new, high-quality, inter-disciplinary research that would be competitive for external funding. Sustainability research brings together environmental science, public policy, social science research, and other approaches directed toward resource stewardship, assessment and mitigation of environmental impacts of human activity, and institutional and societal response to environmental challenges.

III. Other Compilations of Awards:

Marissa Basketts (at UCSD) page, especially good for ecologists

Resources at IU:

University Graduate School (IU) Awards

College of Arts and Sciences Awards

Office of the Vice President for International Affairs (Student Grants)

GradGrants Center